Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 - for better relationship management

Do you see the importance of strong relationships? Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 has modules for sales, marketing and customer service.

Do reporting and analysis easier with dynamic dashboards and reports

Microsoft Dynamics CRM automates workflows and enables better collaboration within the enterprise. It is a robust and scalable CRM tools fully integrated with Microsoft Office and Outlook.

Steer offers:

Steer helps the whole process from diagnosis, analysis, design, development, deployment and operational phase until the training and support. We do this according the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology.

Steer Support:

  • Steer provides online-based support and support via chat, voice, video and desktop shearing - fast, affordable and easy 24/7.

Steer start packages:

In order to get in quickly and predictably Steer AS has developed ready-start packages for Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a fixed price.

  • Start-up for Sales
  • Start-up for Marketing
  • Start-up for Service

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 provides:

Increased sales:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 gives you complete list of leads, sales opportunities and projects in one place. You can quickly find the information you need to sent quotations, e-mail, pipeline reports and agreements. It is also possible to get an overview of the customer card of ongoing projects, completed projects, invoice copy, open suppliers, active orders, budget versus actual figures, work in progress, etc. In other words, take complete control, and use your valuable time the right customers.

Effective Marketing:

Measure power, analyze the results and find the right segments for campaigns. Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you continuous insight, which makes communication with potential customers more professional and efficient.

Better customer service:

immediate access to customer information and case history to resolve issues quickly and accurately. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is fully integrated with the phone, e-mail and other Microsoft applications, with a familiar and universal interface.

Steer offers process mapping, implementation and customization of the software so that it suits your needs

Contact us for an informal chat, ordering start-ups or workshop that provides mapping of status, review of work processes and the proposed CRM solution.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online - 2011

"In Norway we are experiencing a tremendous demand for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and the last year, new sales of Microsoft Dynamics CRM has grown by 89%"

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is the next generation CRM solution and will change the market's perception of how a CRM system should be. The solution focuses on productivity and collaboration through a familiar user experience:

  • Familiar user interface based on Microsoft Office 2010 such as "Ribbons."
  • Optimally integrated with Microsoft Outlook client, and offers a role-based user interface.
  • Easy to use, low threshold for user adoption, but with an advanced system in the back of the user's work surfards that are updated in real time.
  • New opportunities for interaction through customization of the solution in the cloud, integration with Windows Azure, and finished "out-of-box" document library that is integrated with Microsoft SharePoint.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2011:

Choosing Online versions you will always be updated with the latest version.

  • Own server solution is NOT required, the site operated by Microsoft.
  • Microsoft takes care of your data and keep the software update to the latest version - access from anywhere, anytime with guaranteed 99.9% uptime.
  • Very cost-effective solution.

Save money by eliminating separate server and its own IT operation!

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